Tenant information

The tenant is our guest of honor. Fastpartner owns, develops, and manages the properties with the ambition to be locally close to our tenants and achieve a positive impact.

We see the proximity to our tenants as a prerequisite for us to be able to quickly capture and implement the tenant´s wishes and needs regarding the leased premises – all so that tenants can fully focus on conducting and developing their business.

Fastpartners organization is built so decisions are made closely with the tenant, all to be flexible and quick-footed when it comes to meeting the tenant´s requirements.

Fastpartners Housing

In Fastpartner´s residential buildings, the following rules of order

If you want to move and thereby terminate your rental agreement, you must fill in and submit this form

In order to make a transfer of your rental apartment before the end of the terminated contract, this agreement shall be completed by all parties and sent to the landlord



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Notification options

As a part of Fastpartner´s environmental work, we offer our customers digital and environmentally smart notification options.

You can read more about Fastpartner´s sustainability work here


An e-invoice is an invoice that is sent, received and handled completely electronically. The e-invoice contains the same information as a regular invoice, but in a structured electronic format and is sent via a so-called invoice exchange to the recipient.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to your online bank
  2. Select e-invoice and connect vendor
  3. Follow the link and fill in some details
  4. From now on, the bank will announce when there is a new rental notice
  5. Log in to your online bank and approve! Amounts, OCR and everything else are already filled in.
  6. If you want to pay by e-invoice, you will receive rental wine directly to your online bank. It is also possible to contact us to receive your rental notice via e-invoice.


Direct debit allows you to handle the payment of your avier in a very simple way. You don’t have to keep track of due dates and manual payment – all you have to do is make sure there’s money in the account you’ve linked direct debit to. The correct amount is automatically deducted from your account on time.

Do you want to pay with direct debit?Send an email with your organization or social security number and contract number to [email protected], we will send you a direct debit form that you fill out and return to us.

Energy saving tips

Every little measure you take to save energy may not always feel so necessary, but together they can create a big difference in reducing consumption. In this context, it is important to mention that not everything needs to be done at once. Taking one step at a time and continuously lowering your consumption is a good start.

General-Heating & Ventilation

  • Consider whether there is an opportunity to change the operating times of the ventilation in the premises or if it is excessively hot. Then contact your property manager.
  • Avoid airing for extended periods of time, keep in mind that cross-breeze in winter is an unnecessary expense. Try to get the right temperature through the radiators instead of airing.
  • Do not cover the radiators with furniture or the like. Also, do not touch the setting of the ventilation devices. This can lead to uneven temperature.
  • Avoid installing additional electric radiators.
  • Use blinds, curtains and sun protection consciously to avoid large heat loads in the rooms. This can save large amounts of energy for cooling.


  • Use LED-lamps
  • Do not forget to turn the lights off!

Did you know…

  • For each degree of temperature drop, the total energy consumption for heat decreases by about 5%
  • LED-lamps consume up to 85% less energy than an ordinary light bulb and last for up to 20 years.
  • Devices in standby mode consume electricity corresponding to 2% of Sweden´s annual electricity consumption
  • For each degree of reduction in cold, energy consumption is reduced by 10% for the refrigerator and 7% for the freezer.

Subletting, lodger and apartment exchange

Subletting always requires a permit.

You always need permission from the landlord, or from the rent board, to sublet your tenancy. If you have not received permission from the landlord or the rent board and still sublet your tenancy, you risk losing the lease and being forced to move out of the apartment

You may not charge higher rent than you pay yourself

Once you have received permission from the landlord or the rent board to sublet your tenancy, you may not charge a higher rent than the one you pay yourself. If you rent out the apartment furnished, you spend a maximum of 15 percent on the rent. If electricity, broadband or similar is included in the rent when subletting the apartment, you may only charge for the costs that you have yourself.

If you charge a higher rent from your subtenant than you are entitled to, you risk losing your apartment. If the tenancy is subletted without a permit and at too high a rent, you also risk a fine or imprisonment, as it is a criminal offense from 1 October 2019.

Application subletting form

You need to stay in the apartment to have a lodger

As a tenant, you may have a lodger in your tenancy. You may charge rent from the lodger, but only for the part of the apartment that the resident uses. If you have several lodgers, you are not allowed to charge a rent from the residents who together are larger than what you pay in rent. The right to have a lodger only applies if you live in the apartment yourself.

If you do not live in the apartment, the rules apply to subletting rental apartments, and then you need permission from the landlord or the rent board.

Apartment change must be approved

In order to exchange a tenancy with another tenancy, you need permission from the landlord, or n order to exchange a tenancy for another tenancy, you need permission from the landlord, or from the rent board. Both you as a tenant and the person you want to change the apartment with also need to have lived in the apartment for 1 year in order for the rent board to approve the change.

The rent board and tenancy tribunal does not approve the replacement of a tenancy for a condominium or villa.

Selling or buying leases is a crime

It is a crime to sell or buy a rental contract, for example, to charge for your tenancy in connection with an apartment change. It is also forbidden to pay a tenant, black broker or other person to get a rental contract. The penalty for selling or buying a lease is a fine or imprisonment.

You must register the population registration address

You should be registered where you live. Since 1 July 2018, it is a crime to provide incorrect information or not to report changed population registration data to the Swedish Tax Agency when moving. The penalty is a fine or imprisonment.

Here you can get more information

If you have questions about subletting your tenancy, you can contact your landlord. You can also get more information from the rent board.